How to Relieve Neck Pain Fast with Stretches for Neck Pain

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When neck pain strikes, you’d often find yourself severely limited in the activities that you can otherwise do normally. Like driving your car, working with your PC or simply trying to take a side glance. And yes, neck pain can and does hurt so bad.

How can you relieve neck pain fast? Of course, there is the option of taking pain medication, but those pills aren’t necessarily always good for you. It pays to be mindful of the dangers of painkillers: their side effects can harm the body.

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Neck Pain Relief Exercises

To continue your day with less pain so that you could get more things done, try doing a few simple neck pain relief exercises to get some temporary pain relief. This will treat the symptoms, much as popping pills does, but you go easy on the body without the risk of pills.

Long term neck pain relief and permanent neck pain cure are attainable with the right solutions — we will look at one right after exploring the various neck pain stretches.

Try This Simple Neck Pain Stretch

If you need some quick neck pain relief, try reading the text below:

Sideways text

How was that for a simple neck pain stretch? You are likely to feel better after repeating the exercise a few times.

Don’t belittle simple neck pain exercises like this, as it can help you loosen those tense muscles. Plus a good laugh at this somewhat quirky pain relief tip is sure to help you relax as well. Remember to try it on yourself or your friend to soothe away neck pain when needed.

3 Good Stretches for Neck Pain

For more enduring neck pain relief, the following video teaches you 3 good stretches for neck pain which you can do yourself. Presented by Jesse Cannone of The Healthy Back Institute fame, he demonstrates a handful of useful ways to relieve neck pain — you can be feeling better in just a short while by following along.

Causes of Neck Pain

Jesse explained that most of the time, neck pain is caused by muscle imbalances in the upper back and neck. It is also due to myofascial trigger points throughout the upper back and neck, and even at the back of the head.

In rare cases, causes of neck pain can be traced to a herniated disc, since the spine runs through the neck and back of the body.

Getting permanent neck pain relief requires two things: restoring the normal tension between opposing muscles and eliminating the tiny muscle knots (aka trigger points) which set off pain.

Lose The Neck Pain System

Neck pain relief exercises provide temporary relief for your neck pain, treating only the symptoms: the irritated muscles on your upper back. To treat that nagging neck pain permanently, a good solution is the Lose The Neck Pain System developed by a neck pain specialist.

Lose The Neck Pain System components

  • Lose The Neck Pain
    System Components
  • Workbook And DVD
  • Audio CDs (3 discs)
  • Reference Manual
  • including 90 days of
    extensive, unlimited
    Personal Support

Begin your path to total neck pain cure in 3 simple steps:

  1. Watch the DVD
  2. Fill out the workbook to determine the cause of your neck pain
  3. Do the quick exercises customized to your specific pain condition

Just spend a few minutes a day in the comfort of your own home to do those neck pain relief exercises — tailored for you by the Lose The Neck Pain System.

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