A Little Ditty for The Healthy Back Institute

The festive mood is infectious. I was humming along to “Jingle Bells” when it suddenly hit me: Hey, why not try my hand to write a song about The Healthy Back Institute? So, off I went to cook a little ditty and this is what I’ve got finally:

HBI Xmas Ditty
Lyrics © 2012 RubOnReliefCream.com
Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

Tip: Click on the ? sign at each Verse or Chorus to show the Jingle Bells song lyrics for an idea of tempo and phrasing; click again to hide. Or check out this sing-along video on YouTube.

Verse [?]

Glancing through the ‘Net, wondering what’s for pain cure
You found this and that, still you’re not so sure
Weigh the pros and cons, I’m sure you’d agree
RubOnReliefCream dot com is the site to go and see

Chorus [?]

Healthy Back Institute, LoseTheBackPain dot com
Rub On Relief, Heal n Soothe — in a jiff your pain be gone
Fix muscle imbalance, relieve compressed spine
Nubax Trio, Inversion table are solutions you will find

Verse [?]

A year or two ago, my back was hurting bad
I tried all sorts of cream, nasty pain relief meds
But nothing seemed to work, no relief was in sight
Why, I could’ve been less agonized if I knew wrong from right

Chorus [?]

If you’re not sitting right, back pain is a sure thing
Freedom Back and back pain chair — hey, feel what good posture brings
Say goodbye to back pain, rid of sciatica
Lose The Back Pain System heals, there’s no need for another
Healthy Back Institute, LoseTheBackPain dot com
These guys are on a mission, go Cannone and Hefferon
7-Day Back Pain Cure — gift a million copies
Help more people be pain free without docs, drugs, surgery

What do you think of this impromptu creation of mine? Amusing? Funny? Witty? Just plain silly? If you enjoyed it, please Like this post and share it with your friends 😉

For me, I had a great time challenging myself to compose the lyrics in a couple of hours. Well, it surely made my day and brought more cheer to the Christmas that’s just around the corner. Merry Xmas, everyone!


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