Cyber Monday Sale — Surprise Extension

Have you heard the good news? HBI’s Cyber Monday Sale has been extended by a day — it now closes midnight Tuesday. Apparently, their server crashed when rush orders came in on Monday. And so they are keeping their offers open longer, much to the delight of customers.

I received a few Emails today promoting so-called Cyber Tuesday deals; their marketers are hoping to stand out among the maddening crowd. So, HBI isn’t the first with this kind of idea actually. Nevertheless, the sale extension is very welcome.

If you have missed the regular Friday-to-Monday sale period or have been sitting on the fence about trying HBI products, perhaps this is the time to really check things out. And “stress” their servers while doing it 😉

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Tip: If you aren’t seeing the sale prices, complete your shopping by adding items you want to your cart, then chat with customer service about the extended deals.

You gotta hurry though, as there’s about 18+ hours left… Good luck!


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