Happy Thanksgiving — Any Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

RubOnReliefCream.com wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving and nice long-weekend holidays.

If you are celebrating, have fun but make sure you don’t over-indulge in unhealthy foods starting this year. There’s so much to enjoy in life, so eat right and live well.

As tradition goes, many shoppers will be hitting the stores and online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Is The Healthy Back Institute rewarding customers in a big way too? We haven’t heard anything yet, but will be looking out for surprise offers.

And we suggest you do the same by checking HBI’s product site this Friday through next Monday, when you have the time. Click the link below to get there:

Visit HBI’s product site

Here’s a little bonus for you. If you have not signed up for HBI’s free Email newsletter, enter your Email address at the product site (use the same link above) and hit the “Subscribe Now” button. You’ll get a nice $10-off welcome coupon in your Inbox, plus you get to hear of any specials ahead of the public.

In any case, if we do hear of any deals in advance, we will post details here.


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