Rub On Relief — First Impressions (from long ago…)

Rub On Relief packageI was looking through my camera pics and came across some I took of Rub On Relief when I first tried it.

“You’ve got a package” — I’m sure many of us will feel excited on hearing that phrase. That was exactly how I felt when I received that envelope sent by The Healthy Back Institute (HBI), a few days after ordering Rub On Relief.

The following pictures tell you more…

Tube of Rub On Relief creamThe tube of Rub On Relief cream stands about an inch taller than a can of Coke, or a tad more than the width of a dollar bill.

The design is clean, yet bold and refreshing. The tube body feels like soft plastic, much like what’s used on certain quality toothpastes.

Drug facts printed on Rub On Relief tubeThe homeopathic ingredients inside Rub On Relief are clearly stated on the tube, so that you know what’s working to ease your particular type of pain.

At the flat end of the tube, the product expiry date is clearly embossed. The tube I got was marked “NOV2013”, assuring me it was shipped fresh from a recent production run.

Expiry date embossed on Rub On Relief cream tube

Rub On Relief freshness sealAnother indication of freshness was apparent when this pain relief cream tube was uncapped — a freshness seal was affixed on the tube opening.

If you ever find that your pain cream could have been opened when you receive it, I suggest you contact HBI’s customer service immediately to arrange for an exchange.

It’s never wise to use a health product that’s been tampered with.

How was your first encounter with Rub On Relief cream like? Feel free to comment and let everyone know 🙂


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