Tingling Pain in Finger

Once in a while, I am reminded of an episode of tingling pain which happened quite a few months back. I had this achy and sensitized feeling in my left ring finger, and the pain was isolated to that finger alone. As I recall, I must have accidentally hurt the finger when it hit against the fan. Ouch!

Thinking it was Carpel Tunnel — I do write a lot on the PC — I went to the doc for help. He explained Carpel Tunnel affects only the thumb and index finger; mine was a case of nerve pain. Doc prescribed a week’s worth of Vitamin B1/B6 pills, which did make the pain go away, but ever so slowly.

To maintain nerve health, I started on a Vitamin B-Complex supplement and noticed a gradual reduction of that tingling pain. It’s nearly gone now, but when temperatures get too low, it seems to return. Perhaps age is catching up (thinking about rheumatism)?

Anyway, I was startled by the neon yellow urine that became the norm after taking the pills each day. Searching on the ‘Net revealed the answer — it’s the Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) in the B-Complex that’s causing it. If you’re curious, here’s what I found.

On the topic of supplements, there are vitamins and then there are vitamins. One reliable and quality source can be found at Dr. Weil’s Vitamin Advisor. If you are confused about vitamins or need specific help, it’s a superb go-to online resource. I’ve found it very helpful.


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