10 Reasons Why Rub On Relief is the Best Pain Cream

There are so many types of topical pain relief creams in the market. They come in either tubes or tubs and vary in their effectiveness. Prices also vary widely — however, like most products, price usually has no direct bearing on product quality.

Thus, the highest priced cream is not necessarily the best pain cream. Notwithstanding the many variables to evaluate, one pain cream clearly stands out as the #1 all-natural pain relief cream: Rub On Relief.

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Best Pain Cream

Why is Rub On Relief regarded as the best pain cream? What’s so special about it that it deserves this title? Aren’t there other pain creams that are comparable?

Here are 10 reasons why Rub On Relief is the best pain cream. Take a look at each one and consider if it’s important to you when choosing an effective pain relief solution.

1. Rub On Relief Stops All Kinds of Pain

Are you having pain due to body building, running or cycling, or do you have a sports-related pain condition like tennis elbow? Is your body complaining by giving you numbness or tingling pain? Are you hurting at a specific part of the body, such as having neck pain, knee pain, finger pain or lower back pain?

Or perhaps you are suffering from arthritis, nerve pain or some kind of sprain and strain. Rub On Relief stops all these pain, plus more — check out this list of various pain conditions that it treats too. Indeed, the claim that “If you’re in pain for any reason, Rub On Relief can stop your pain!” isn’t too bold at all.

2. Cetyl Myristoleate — Pain Reliever with 100% Success

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Rub On Relief contains Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO), a kind of fatty acid that cushions joints and repairs cell membranes. It penetrates directly into muscles, tissues, tendons and joints quickly to cool chronic inflammation and relieve pain at the source.

In separate studies done by the University of Connecticut, the San Diego Clinic, the Joint European Studies Program and numerous others, CMO was found to provide effective pain relief 100% of the time. CMO is one of the rarest substance occurring naturally, and it is included in the formulation of Rub On Relief cream.

3. Rub On Relief Contains Homeopathic Ingredients

Homeopathy is one of many forms of natural healing remedies. It is an effective approach to pain relief and Rub On Relief actually contains 8 different homeopathic ingredients to deal with all sorts of pain, viz:

  • Naja — provides calming relief
  • Belladonna — treats shooting pain
  • Ignatia — relieves pain due to stress
  • Magnesium Sulfate — relaxes muscle spasms
  • Rhus Tox — eases stiffness
  • Phosphorus — stops muscle pain
  • Lachesis Mutus — relieves painful swelling
  • Menthol — provides cooling relief

Each of these 8 homeopathics specifically targets one key type of pain relief; when used in combination, they become a potent mix of pain fighthers.

4. MSM — The Natural Solution to Pain

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Topping off the key ingredients of CMO and homeopathics, Rub On Relief adds MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, to its formula. Doctors term MSM “the natural solution to pain”.

MSM makes cells in the body more permeable to flow of nutrients, relieving pain by decreasing swelling and reducing inflammation, and by blocking pain nerve fibers from signaling the brain about pain.

Thus, with MSM, Rub On Relief cream actually contains 10 powerful ingredients that create a potent mix of pain busters which can fight almost all kinds of pain. It is truly the best pain relief cream, possibly the world’s strongest pain cream too.

5. No Preservatives or Chemicals in Rub On Relief Cream

Preservatives are sometimes added to products to prolong shelf life, but some are known to be harmful to the body. Rub On Relief completely does away with preservatives and chemicals, keeping to its all-natural formulation. The result: no side effects.

Some preservatives are known to cause cancer. Others can affect the immune system or promote aging. Find out what these harmful preservatives are, which are all absent from Rub On Relief cream.

6. Endorsed Ingredients, Quality Standard & Business Practice

The all-natural pain relievers used in Rub On Relief cream have been covered by many leading scientific journals, such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, the British Medical Journal, the European Journal of Clinical Investigation and many other prestigious bodies.

In addition, Rub On Relief has the approval of the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA) for its high quality standard. Plus, The Healthy Back Institute is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), obtaining its highest A+ rating.

7. Rub On Relief Cream Doesn’t Stink, Doesn’t Sting

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Unlike Bengay, Icy Hot and some other pain creams, Rub On Relief has no smell and it doesn’t cause a burning sensation when applied to the skin.

No stink, no sting — just a cool tingling feeling followed by effective pain relief that last several hours.

8. Value for Money with Rub On Relief Deals

Rub On Relief can cost as little as 10 cents per use, when you go for the “Buy 6 Get 3 Free” special deal which saves some $200. Even if you just buy a single tube, each use sets you back by less than a quarter, yet you stand to benefit from such effective and fast pain relief.

No doubt, Rub On Relief may be priced higher than most pain relief creams. But once you factor in its potent mix of CMO, MSM and homeopathics, plus the fact it doesn’t harm the body, it’s easy to see why it is well worth it to get this quality product.

9. 100% Money Back Guarantee

The following banner says it all: the best pain cream comes with an iron-clad promise.

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Use Rub On Relief Cream with complete peace of mind, not just because it’s safe for the body, but also because your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

10. Made by Experts Who Understand Pain Relief

Rub On Relief by Living Well Nutraceuticals is developed by Jesse Cannone, co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute. Jesse is well acknowledged as a pain relief expert who has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world get effective and lasting pain relief. He continues to teach us “less pain, more life” through alternative natural remedies for pain.

The Healthy Back Institute’s other co-founder is Steve Hefferon, himself a prominent sports massage therapist. Both founders sit on the HBI Advisory Board, which has 7 members with expertise covering a diverse scope: from chiropractic care, alternative medicine, acupuncture, wellness consultation to and stretching and flexibility.

HBI’s very own website, www.losethebackpain.com is the go-to site for many people seeking quality pain relief solutions online. HBI offers lots of free pain relief info, plus a comprehensive range of complementary pain relief products: self-help guides, anti inflammatory supplement, machines for relief pain, etc.


It’s true that other creams may have Belladonna in them and some have MSM too. A couple of them even include CMO, so their manufacturers know what they are doing. But to include all 8 potent homeopathics in one tube of pain relief cream, that’s unprecedented. With this, Rub On Relief cream leads the pack with a wide margin, undoubtedly as the best pain relief cream.

It remains clear that Rub On Relief is the NUMBER ONE natural pain relief cream. Consider using it next time for immediate pain relief — you couldn’t be in safer hands with its homeopathic ingredients and preservative-free formulation.

>> Buy Rub On Relief — the best all-natural pain relief cream.

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