“Where to Buy Rub On Relief?”, “Is It an Acetaminophen Cream?” and Other Questions

More and more people are discovering the difference between Rub On Relief and other pain relief creams. Especially its all-natural formula that can deal with all sorts of pain, safely and surely. And the fact that it doesn’t smell (Bengay cream comes to mind) nor sting (from too much menthol). Many questions do abound about Rub On Relief — we look at some of them here…

Where to Buy Rub On Relief?

We get asked this question many times: “Where to buy Rub On Relief?”. Most of us are used to getting pain relief medications over the counter at the pharmacy or the doctor’s clinic. For Rub On Relief, the manufacturer (Living Well Nutraceuticals) sells them online via the Internet. Note, however, that it is not sold on Amazon or eBay.

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And this is how our RubOnReliefCream.com website serves you as the one-stop shop — here, you can get info on the #1 natural pain relief cream, tips on pain management as well as other pain relief help.

We encourage you to use these resources to help you decide if Rub On Relief and other featured products are right for you, before you buy through this website.

How to Buy

To buy Rub On Relief and other products featured on RubOnReliefCream.com, simply click on the respective product image, like the ones shown in the sidebar on the right. Once the product page comes up, you can browse to learn more about the product, then move to purchase section.

Tip: The purchase section is usually nearer to the end of the product page article. You can use the scroll bar or Page Down key to get there quickly.

Once you are at the purchase section, select the deal or product options you want, click on the Add To Cart or Buy button (or similar) and you’d be brought to payment processing. Complete your purchase there by providing your contact, shipping details and mode of payment. It’s that easy and straightforward; fun even 🙂

What’s So Good About Buying Online?

There are obvious benefits when you buy Rub On Relief cream online. The more pertinent ones include:

  • 24/7 Convenience
    Forget opening and closing hours or store locations — no need to Google “Rub On Relief UK” or similar to find the nearest store. Simply visit our website any time, any day, right from the comfort of your home, office or even on the go. Click on articles and product banners to learn more, select products to buy and bookmark our site for return visits. All without traveling anywhere.
  • Always the Best Price
    Since there are no other shops selling Rub On Relief, you are assured of fair prices and the latest deals available online. You can skip the usual price comparisons that you’d do with buying from stores. And there is no need to hunt for a Rub On Relief coupon or code to enjoy discounts. Everyone can see and get the same great offers.
  • Freshest Delivery
    Rub On Relief is delivered to you direct from Living Well Nutraceuticals. Being an extremely popular pain relief cream, stocks are always fresh. So there is no need to worry about stale products being unloaded to you (as can happen with over-stocked sales outlets for some other products).

Do I Have to Wait Long for Delivery?

Admittedly, there are some drawbacks to online buying. There is the issue of waiting for your Rub On Relief cream to arrive — this can vary from 1-3 days for US local delivery to a couple of weeks for international shipping. Related to this, you can’t immediately get a new tube of pain cream should an existing one run out.

Fortunately, you can be clever and go around these minor inconveniences. Take advantage of the “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” and “Buy 6 Get 3 Free” deals to stock up and also share the benefits of Rub On Relief with family and friends. If you are the forgetful type, opt for the SmartShip Program to get on a monthly delivery plan to replenish your pain relief cream.

Is Rub On Relief an Acetaminophen Cream?

Many of us are familiar with the drug called acetaminophen. Our docs usually prescribe this in tablet or capsule form as oral medication for pain relief. However, you should be mindful of the dangerous side effects of acetaminophen, as warned by the FDA. Click here to find out more about the FDA advisory and acetaminophen risks.

Rub On Relief does not contain acetaminophen or other dangerous painkillers. It is also not an opiate-based cream. Instead, it has an all-natural composition of homeopathic ingredients and Cetyl Myristoleate. This potent mix provides very effective relief for all sorts of pain conditions — you can read about this here. Which means you can use Rub On Relief cream without worry of nasty side effects.

What is the Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream?

Users have found that Rub On Relief is good for relieving muscle pain arising from physical activity. For example, it is suggested that you apply the pain cream immediately to the aching spots right after your exercise, as reported in “Rub On Relief Reviews: Great for After Workouts”.

Another user exclaimed her knee pain disappeared in minutes after using Rub On Relief — you can read about this here.

The Healthy Back Institute Works

Thousands upon thousands of people have found effective pain relief through Rub On Relief cream and other products promoted by The Healthy Back Institute. Read the user reviews to learn how others use Rub On Relief for their particular pain conditions. Discover good pain management solutions from the articles, videos and tips provided on this site. And when you are ready, you now know where to buy Rub On Relief.

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