Back Pain From Poor Posture — Ways to Get Pain Relief

Pain and posture are closely related. For example, if you experience back pain when sitting, it can be a sign of poor posture causing the pain. Unfortunately, a lot of us are not mindful of the need for good back posture and don’t heed such bad posture symptoms.

Even when you know your back pain, and possibly neck pain, are due to the way you sit, are you getting correct posture help to alleviate your painful situation? Or is poor posture correction making you suffer instead of solving the problem? Let’s hear what the experts say about posture and pain and how to get pain relief…

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Posture and Back-Related Pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain, can arise when you sit too much. Poor posture is often to blame; besides back pain, it can also lead to muscle imbalances and other pain conditions, e.g. neck pain. Even headache and sinus can be linked to bad posture!

Poor Posture Causes Lower Back Pain

How does bad posture cause lower back pain? What are good methods to relieve pain and prevent such pain from occurring when sitting? Listen to Jesse Cannone, co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute, as he explains more about back pain from poor posture in this video:

Jesse addressed 3 main points when he talked about posture while sitting. These are:

  1. How you sit
  2. Quality of seat
  3. Back supports

Whether you are sitting in the office chair, on the sofa or couch at home, or in the car, it is important to observe how you actually sit. We all know the importance of sitting up straight, yet many of us easily forget this and tend to slouch.

In the video, Jesse demonstrated the correct sitting posture (with an office chair) — sit all the way back, against the back support of the chair; and sit upright. Be aware that when your chair makes you lean back, that’s not a good posture.

Quality of Seat — What’s the Best Office Chair Like?

As shown in the demo, a nice-looking office chair may turn out not to be good for your back — its steep-leaning back doesn’t make you sit up straight. Rather, a chair with an arched back works best as you’d instantly sit up and receive full back and lumbar support.

An example of the best office chair is shown below.

Details of best office chair

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Quality of Seat — Problems with In-Vehicle Seats

The main problem with in-vehicle seats lies in the head rests and backs. Typically, the head rest pushes your head forward while the seat has insufficient support such that your back is rounded against it. This gives rise to bad posture, which luckily can be corrected with good-quality back supports.

Posture Correction — Back Support vs Back Orthotic

If you have already invested in an expensive office chair like the one shown in the video above, you don’t have to dump it if it is causing you to have back pain. Instead, you can attach to it a good back support that corrects bad posture. Similarly, you can fasten back supports to other chairs or to seats in your car or truck.

Freedom Back support pillow

For the best-quality back support, you can consider the Freedom Back, regarded as the “Cadillac” of back support pillows. This is designed to fit the shape of your whole back — from the upper back all the way down to the hips — to eliminate unnecesary pressure on your spine and back when you sit.

Additionally, the Freedom Back comes with a built-in massaging function that is quite soothing. So, while you sit with perfect posture (without even thinking about it), you get pampered as well. It’s something you’d expect from the Cadillac indeed.

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Back Joy Core

Another great device to consider for posture correction is the Back Joy Core. This is called a back orthotic — in layperson terms, it’s a type of seat cushion which, when you sit on it, instantly improves your posture and takes pressure off the spine.

Watch this video animation to learn how Back Joy Core works to correct your posture and alleviate pain…

With no need to be fixed, Back Joy Core can be used almost anywhere.

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Which is Better: Freedom Back or Back Joy Core?

How do you decide if Freedom Back or Back Joy Core is right for you? Hear Jesse explain the differences between the two and their benefits in this final video — right-click within the gray box and select “Play” from the menu.

Remember to watch your posture and remove unnecessary pressure on your spine when you sit. Say goodbye to lower back pain with the Freedom Back and Back Joy Core back support products from The Healthy Back Institute.

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**Note: When you reach the Recommended Products page, click on the Office/Ergonomics tab to locate the Back Joy Core listing.

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