Back Pain Myths? Popular TV Celebrity Doctor Debunks Them

It’s not often that you get to hear the mainstream media put out good information on topics like back pain. In the CBS News video below, watch and listen to Dr. Jennifer Ashton debunk 4 big back pain myths.

Back Pain Myths

Dr. Ashton discussed why common knowledge about back pain is not true, such as these back pain myths:

  1. Only Overweight People Get Back Pain
  2. Back Surgery is the Best Medical Option
  3. Stay in Bed Until Pain Goes Away
  4. Exercise is Bad for Your Back

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Interestingly, she seemed to have missed out one crucial point that is key to alleviating back pain. The experts at The Healthy Back Institute (<-- click link to visit HBI website) know this and have talked about it on their blog.

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“The 7-Day Back Pain Cure” book contains everything there is to know about back pain help: back pain myths, facts, symptoms and solutions. In a nutshell, it teaches you how to cure back pain yourself.

Topics such as the following are discussed:

  • Why most pain treatments often give you only temporary relief and why some you’ve tried in the past failed.
  • What’s keeping you in a pain condition and what’s really causing this pain.
  • The “hidden cause” of back pain.
  • The most effective strategies for reducing and managing pain.

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