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Fix My Shoulder Pain is Live! 4-Day 50% Off Launch Special

We have 3 pieces of good news for Fix My Shoulder Pain fans… Good news: Fix My Shoulder Pain is now live! Click on the banner below to check it out now… Fix My Shoulder Pain Launch Special: 50% Discount More good news: Rick and Mike are offering a 4-day launch special with a 50% […]

Fix My Shoulder Pain Q&A Review

Over the course of last week, excitement over the coming launch of Fix My Shoulder Pain has been building up. Many people are taking a serious look at Rick Kaselj’s trademarked SR3 Method that promises to treat shoulder pain like never before, so much so that you can get back to your workouts, pain free. […]

Fix My Shoulder Pain Review — SR3 Method by Rick Kaselj

Following up on our intro to Fix My Shoulder Pain, here’s a quick review of Rick Kaselj’s revolutionary shoulder pain self-treatment program that will go live on Oct 16th. In the video below, Rick talks about his trademarked SR3 Method — acronym for “Shoulder Reshaping 3-Part Method” — which forms the basis of Fix My […]

Introducing Fix My Shoulder Pain

Have you ever felt shoulder pain after exercising in the gym or doing sports? Does the pain go away soon enough after using an effective pain cream like Rub On Relief? Or has it been so serious that you needed to visit the doctor? The likelihood is many of us who do resistance training (RT) […]