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Memorial Day Sale — Extra 10% Off on Rub On Relief and Others

Great news! The Healthy Back Institute has announced their Memorial Day Sale, which will last for 3 days. It’s a good time to get some Rub On Relief and other great HBI products. And if you enter the coupon code “MEMORIAL10” during checkout, you can knock off 10% from your purchase. Wow! Click here for […]

Rub On Relief — First Impressions (from long ago…)

I was looking through my camera pics and came across some I took of Rub On Relief when I first tried it. “You’ve got a package” — I’m sure many of us will feel excited on hearing that phrase. That was exactly how I felt when I received that envelope sent by The Healthy Back […]

A Little Ditty for The Healthy Back Institute

The festive mood is infectious. I was humming along to “Jingle Bells” when it suddenly hit me: Hey, why not try my hand to write a song about The Healthy Back Institute? So, off I went to cook a little ditty and this is what I’ve got finally:  HBI Xmas Ditty Lyrics © 2012 […]

Are Heating Pads Dangerous? Some Common Concerns

I just did a search for “dangers of heating pads” and found some 46k results, as shown below: The top 5 results have titles like this: The Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Heating Pad Safely Hidden Danger of Heating Pads Heating pad dangerous? Are there health risks to using electric heating pads excessively … […]

Cyber Monday Sale — Surprise Extension

Have you heard the good news? HBI’s Cyber Monday Sale has been extended by a day — it now closes midnight Tuesday. Apparently, their server crashed when rush orders came in on Monday. And so they are keeping their offers open longer, much to the delight of customers. I received a few Emails today promoting […]

Cyber Monday Sale — The Clock’s Ticking…

Yes, the clock is ticking for The Healthy Back Institute’s super Cyber Monday Sale. With less than 13 hours to go, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase HBI products at great discounts. Based on what we observe, the most popular products are: Rub On Relief Heal-n-Soothe ThinMist If you are not familiar with any of […]

Black Friday Sale — It’s On!

Yes, the Black Friday Sale at The Healthy Back Institute is on, from Friday, Nov 23rd to Monday, Nov 26th. Take a look at the featured products in the pix below. Do note that their other products could be marked down as well.   Here’s What To Do If you have subscribed to HBI’s free […]

Happy Thanksgiving — Any Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals? wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving and nice long-weekend holidays. If you are celebrating, have fun but make sure you don’t over-indulge in unhealthy foods starting this year. There’s so much to enjoy in life, so eat right and live well. As tradition goes, many shoppers will be hitting the stores and online for Black […]

Where To Buy Heal-n-Soothe, Free Trial, Discounts, Side Effects Q&A

There seems to be quite some buzz after our latest articles about Heal-n-Soothe went online. One article looked into how Heal-n-Sooth ingredients are effective for fighting inflammation, easing pain and healing, and hailed it as the “hero” of pain management (alongside Rub On Relief and Sleepzyme as sidekicks). Another covered Heal-n-Soothe reviews, highlighting how users […]

Heal-n-Soothe Reviews: Superb Natural Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief, Users Say

Many people who had the opportunity to try Heal-n-Soothe have discovered that this all-natural anti-inflammatory dietary supplement works well to improve their lives. Without the use of, and dependency on, painkillers, they could lessen their pain, deal with inflammation and get well. Why is this so? In actual fact, Heal-n-Soothe is a special formulation of […]

Heal-n-Soothe, Rub On Relief, Sleepzyme: Pain Management Hero & Sidekicks

The Healthy Back Institute markets an excellent portfolio of pain management products — good breadth and depth coverage of solutions to pain. Whether you are looking for complete pain relief guides (read our The 7-Day Back Pain Cure review), medical help (Rub on Relief comes to mind), dedicated pain relief programs (like Lose The Back […]

Back Pain From Poor Posture — Ways to Get Pain Relief

Pain and posture are closely related. For example, if you experience back pain when sitting, it can be a sign of poor posture causing the pain. Unfortunately, a lot of us are not mindful of the need for good back posture and don’t heed such bad posture symptoms. Even when you know your back pain, […]

The 7-Day Back Pain Cure — Review of Jesse Cannone’s Book

Since the first edition of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure book, The Healthy Back Institute (HBI) has helped over 200,000 people all over the world get rid of back pain. To date, HBI has given away more copies of the book than it has sold them… Now, HBI is on a mission: it aims to […]

How to Relieve Neck Pain Fast with Stretches for Neck Pain

When neck pain strikes, you’d often find yourself severely limited in the activities that you can otherwise do normally. Like driving your car, working with your PC or simply trying to take a side glance. And yes, neck pain can and does hurt so bad. How can you relieve neck pain fast? Of course, there […]

Acetaminophen Side Effects — FDA Warns of Acetaminophen Risks

Are you taking pain medication containing acetaminophen? Do you know about its side effects and potential health risks? While acetaminophen is a widely-used painkiller, it is also listed amongst the top 5 most dangerous pain medications in a special report ◀click link to read by The Healthy Back Institute.  Acetaminophen Side Effects In a further […]