Rub On Relief Reviews — Users Share Their Experience and Tips

Many people around the world have benefited from using Rub On Relief to treat all sorts of pain conditions. In fact, The Healthy Back Institute has received good feedback and numerous testimonials from satisfied customers.

From the experience shared, we put together our Rub On Relief reviews to give you a quick look at using the product. You can certainly pick up a tip or two here on how effective the best pain cream can be.

Rub On Relief Reviews

As can be seen in the various Rub On Relief testimonials, customers have been using this Living Well Nutraceuticals product for arthritis, knee pain, muscle aches, post-surgery pain, cramps, joint pain, etc. You may want to take a look at this list of pain conditions that Rub On Relief cream is good for.

Let’s step through each of the Rub On Relief Reviews below and look out for tips on how you can use this all-natural pain cream to help with your own pain woes.

Rub On Relief Reviews: Lasting Pain Relief After Surgery

I’m 83 years old and have had 6 back surgeries and am in constant pain. I use Rub On Relief three times a day which helps me walk more easily and sleep better. I’m now doing things that used to be too painful. I’m delighted!

— Phyllis Cole, Oregon

After surgery, pain can sometimes be quite unbearable as the body awakens when anesthetics wear off. At times, this pain is prolonged while the body takes time to heal. By using Rub On Relief, the pain can be lessened and made more bearable, so that the patient can be more active and also enjoy better rest time.

Rub On Relief Reviews: Instant Relief from Chronic Pain

I was awakened in the middle of the night with severe pain and cramping in both of my arms resulting from chronic back pain. Desperately, though not optimistically, I applied the cream and received complete relief to my astonishment within minutes. Anyone who deals with chronic pain will appreciate this product.

— Christian B

When you have a chronic pain condition, the pain episodes can be quite trying. And you’ll never quite know when the body will act up and give you a nasty painful surprise. Because Rub On Relief targets pain at the source and is quick to act, keeping it handy can really help you quickly deal with any chronic pain problem.

Rub On Relief Reviews: Helpful for Getting Restful Sleep

I’ve had terrible arthritis for years. My pain is mostly at night and in both knees. Over the years I have tried all kinds of remedies, from pills to ointments. The only one that works for me is the Rub On Relief that I apply on my knees each night. I can now get a good night’s sleep.

— Dr. Aaron D. Stuart, Florida

Being in pain can really bother you and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. For example, when you have back pain, it can be very trying to lie on your back or sleep in your usual position. With Rub On Relief’s fast pain relief action, this can help you ease into sleep much more comfortably.

Giving your body sufficient rest is key to the healing process — this allows the body to repair itself naturally. In certain cases where the pain is quite bothersome, consider using a non-addictive sleep aid like Sleepzyme, another excellent Living Well product. You can click here to sign up for their trial offer and get a free bottle.

Rub On Relief Reviews: Great for After Workouts

I use Rub On Relief when I’ve had a longer than usual workout, or played basketball. I noticed immediate pain relief from workout soreness. It helps me continue being active like I want to be.

— Isaiah Fox, Florida

Exercise is important and good for the body, but sometimes we do get hurt and can end up with muscle aches and joints that are sore. Before any likely painful flare-ups, dab a squirt of Rub On Relief right after your workout. With that, you’d have “short-circuited” the pain at the source, before it even starts.

Rub On Relief Reviews: Soothes Joint Pain Readily

I have arthritic hips, legs, back and ankles. I have used a variety of mail order products. None of them worked. I tried Rub On Relief and very quickly the pain went away. I was amazed I found something that worked for me. I apply the cream twice a day — in the morning and right before bed — it lets me go through the day easily.

— Violet Skov, Arizona

Soothing your joint pain with Rub On Relief cream can let you be up and about without the usual dread that pain brings on. You get more done, feel positive and in control, instead of giving arthritis a chance to rob you of your life.

Is Rub On Relief for You?

You can see from these Rub On Relief reviews that many have found this Living Well pain relief cream to be very effective in dealing with their pain conditions. Here’s a recap of the Rub On Relief tips we have learned from them:

Rub On Relief #1 pain cream ad

  • Use after surgery to lessen ensuing pain
  • Apply to get quick relief from chronic pain
  • Use every night to enjoy a good night’s sleep
  • Dab on after workouts to ease away muscle ache
  • Rub on twice daily to soothe joint pain

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If you are currently in pain and have found no relief in other pain creams, why not give Rub On Relief a try? The Healthy Back Institute is so sure Rub On Relief will work for you that they stand behind their product with a no-nonsense money back guarantee. This is one of the 10 reasons that make Rub On Relief the #1 pain relief cream.

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