The Healthy Back Institute has recorded many videos on pain relief, pain conditions and their treatments. Learn how to treat your back pain, get sciatica relief and other ways to alleviate pain at the HBI video site.

Still image of Jesse Cannone's video on how to reduce inflammation

Discover how to reduce inflammation.
Get pain relief now with your free bottle of Heal-n-Soothe.

Still image of Jesse Cannone's video on busting 3 back pain myths

Hear the untruths of 3 back pain myths.
Find out how to get lasting back pain relief.

Still image of Jesse Cannone's video on sciatica

Find out about sciatica and its treatment.
Learn how Muscle Balance Therapy gives sciatica relief.

Above are some examples of the HBI videos you can watch to learn about your pain condition and how to treat it effectively. 


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